Anita Sands naked in “Deep Roots”

Name: Deep Roots

Language: English

Duration: 76 min

Director: Lisa Barr

Country: United States

Year: 1978

Actress: Liz Renay,Anita Sands,Toni Bell,Mary Swan,Debbie Love

Categories: Anita Sands naked, 1978, United States, English, Lisa Barr, Liz Renay, Anita Sands, Toni Bell, Mary Swan, Debbie Love, Jesse Adams, Jesse Chacan, Amazing Ricardo

Actors: Jesse Adams,Jesse Chacan,Amazing Ricardo

Native American Billy leaves his reservation and heads off to Hollywood on his motorcycle to see how other people live. While in Hollywood Billy gets a swanky pad and meets an assortment of lovely young ladies: He enjoys a torrid fireplace tryst with Joan, makes sweet love to eager teenager Sue, and gets down to business with the virginal Rene in a bathtub.