Anita Sands naked in “Deep Roots”

Name: Deep Roots

Language: English

Duration: 76 min

Director: Lisa Barr

Country: United States

Year: 1978

Actress: Liz Renay,Anita Sands,Toni Bell,Mary Swan,Debbie Love

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Actors: Jesse Adams,Jesse Chacan,Amazing Ricardo

Native American Billy leaves his reservation and heads off to Hollywood on his motorcycle to see how other people live. While in Hollywood Billy gets a swanky pad and meets an assortment of lovely young ladies: He enjoys a torrid fireplace tryst with Joan, makes sweet love to eager teenager Sue, and gets down to business with the virginal Rene in a bathtub.


Creampie vintage video : “Lady By Night”

Name: Lady By Night

Year: 1987

Duration: 142 min

Country: United States

Director: Henri Pachard

Language: English

Actors: John Leslie,Joey Silvera,Christophe Clark,Raffael Schumann

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Actress: Nina Hartley,Colleen Brennan,Melissa Rio,Carina,Jena Collins

Danielle and Clint are an ordinary American couple living in France. But are they as innocent as they seem? Danielle may be lady by night but during the day she’s a first class slut working in Madame Margarite’s cathouse. To say she enjoys her work is an understatement! Along with Trixie (Nina Hartley) these gals show the French a thing or three about lovemaking. And where does this scintillating scenario end? Well, Trixie has an American client who reminds Danielle of her husband. No… it couldn’t be… . Or could it?