Kay Cain naked in “Hollywood Harlots”

Name: Hollywood Harlots

Year: 1974


Language: English

Duration: 54 min

Country: United States

Actors: Willie Beam,Lou Dye,Eddie Reed,Ray Moor,Peter Cole,Nan Hall

Categories: Kay Cain naked, 1974, United States, English, Judy West, Betty Quill, Kay Cain, Willie Beam, Lou Dye, Eddie Reed, Ray Moor, Peter Cole, Nan Hall

Actress: Judy West,Betty Quill,Kay Cain

This place may be a bit tough to find, but people drive in from all around to see our shows. Long haul truckers, traveling salesmen, spurned husbands…they all know the place. Those bikers over there? Harmless, though I suggest you don’t stare. Keep your eyes on the screen, which shouldn’t be hard. You will see the steamiest, fleshiest, and most triple X-rated films direct from California and New York City. Popcorn? Sorry, I don’t think that machine works anymore. Welcome to the Dirty Drive In.