Vintage lesbians in “Tinseltown”

Name: Tinseltown

Director: Carter Stevens

Country: United States

Year: 1980

Language: English

Duration: 79 min

Actress: Rhonda Jo Petty,Patricia Manning,Jennifer West,Tawny Pearl,Ashley Brooks,Danielle Raye

Actors: Randy West,Eric Edwards,Mike Ranger,Jack Teague,David Morris,Bill Margold,Carter Stevens,Jack Shute,Tommy LaRock,Con Covert,Dave Rosen

Categories: Vintage lesbians, 1980, United States, English, Carter Stevens, Rhonda Jo Petty, Patricia Manning, Jennifer West, Tawny Pearl, Ashley Brooks, Danielle Raye, Randy West, Eric Edwards, Mike Ranger, Jack Teague, David Morris, Bill Margold, Carter Stevens, Jack Shute, Tommy LaRock, Con Covert, Dave Rosen, Facial, Fisting, Lesbian

A trio of torrid tales peel back Hollywood’s glamourous facade in this riveting and ribald romp from 1980. The first story concerns Oklahoma cutie Danielle Raye, who comes to the Big City looking for fame and fortune, but who ends up as a down-and-dirty hardcore harlot. Loni Henderson stars as a UCLA student who also dreams of seeing her name in lights. But when she falls for the wrong guy, Loni soon takes a turn into pay-for-play pleasure and becomes one of the porn scene’s biggest babes. The final story revolves around Ashley Brooks, a high-class hooker who prefers prostitution to acting. But movie producer Eric Edwards finds her so irresistible that he makes her a star in spite of herself!


Kelly Nichols porn videos – “Grape Me, Dine Me, 69 Me”

Name: Grape Me, Dine Me, 69 Me

Language: English

Year: 1983

Duration: 83 min

Country: United States

Director: David I. Frazer

Actors: Ron Jeremy,John Leslie,Jamie Gillis,Hershel Savage,Mike Ranger,Jesse Adams,John Seeman,Ray Wells,Short Stud,Tyler Reynolds,John Handler,Sanyen Sunny,Dave Rosen,Sergei Novotny

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Actress: Annette Haven,Seka,Lisa DeLeeuw,Honey Wilder,Debi Diamond,Serena,Jacqueline Lorains,Candida Royalle,Anna Ventura,Hillary Summers,Kelly Nichols,Tawny Pearl,Angel Cash,Pia Snow,Lenora Bruce,Terri Dolan,Amy Freedman,Nancy Suiter,Mary Darling,Aubrey Nichols,Debbie Revenge,Jeanette Harlow,Piper Smith,Aki Wang

You couldn’t ask for a more celebrated cast of adult performers than what this show offers! Join Seka, Annette Haven, Anna Ventura, Serena and the alluring Pia Snow in a fabled foray into frenzied fornification and fast-paced frolics! A classic for the ages!!